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Rocky Point NY Landscape Design and Installation

Are you looking for the best Rocky Point landscape design and installation?  Look no further!  MSG Lawn Care has a small and limited goal… to leave your home’s landscape looking as beautiful as possible each and every time we are there.  What makes a lawn care company the best? Let me tell you.


For a lawn care company to be considered the best Rocky Point landscape design and installation company in the area, it needs to be a company that you can depend on.  MSG Lawn Care  shows up on time and on a regular schedule. Of course the weather can affect the schedule of any outdoor job, but Johnathen, the founder of MSG Lawn Care is not going to forget about you just because it rains. This design company will make sure your home is serviced and taken care of as soon as humanly possible!


As the owner / founder of MSG Lawn Care,  Johnathen maintains professionalism at all times. Our company vehicles and equipment are meticulously cared for to insure the highest quality work in the safest, most efficient manner.  We are there to get the job done with the minimal amount of interruption to your day. Because the owner is at every job site, you know exactly who is at your home and what they are doing.  We understand that we work for you!  We are here for you and here to make your lawn the very best it can be.


If you are paying for the best Rocky Point landscape design and installation service, then you want them to be knowledgeable. We are continually training and learning to improve our turf service.  MSG applies that knowledge to caring for your property like it was our own. We are the landscape company in Rocky Point that has the solution to your turf needs and keeping your landscape beautiful all year round.


MSG Lawn Care is no stranger to hard work.  Johnathen built this business as an owner operated, small operation to serve the local community.  Hard work, long hours, dedication, and a love of our customers is who we are.  MSG is in the business of serving their clients with integrity and making their outdoor dreams come true.  We are a family-oriented business and take pride in providing exceptional mowing and lawn maintenance services.  

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