Long Island Lawn Repair & Renovation

long island lawn repair

An acceptable quality lawn is the goal of many homeowners. With proper establishment and care, this goal can be achieved. Unfortunately, situations may occur that lead to a thin, damaged, or dead lawn in need of repair or renovation.

Determining the cause of the lawn decline is the first step in the lawn renovation process. Many lawn problems originate from poor soil conditions.  Heavy clay, compacted soils, and poorly drained soils may be the reason a lawn is doing poorly. These situations can be corrected during renovation

When it comes to the stresses of mid-summer Long Island NY lawn care and turf restoration, often times it will need a little more than just throwing down seed and fertilizer. This is where our lawn restoration is offered to our clients.  

What is done during the restoration process?

  • Kill any visible weeds
  • Bring in fine screened top soil
  • Level area as needed
  • Prep soil in repair area
  • Lay sod or spread seed that match existing turf
  • Apply granular and or liquid fertilizer
  • Water the treated area
  • Two weeks follow-up

Serving: Coram, Lake Grove, Manorville, Medford, Middle Island, Rocky Point, Ronkonkoma, Selden, South Hampton, Wading River, Yaphank

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