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With a free hassle free consultation, we can help you get your lawn under control.  Whether turf repair, aeration, dethatching, over-seeding or new installation, we are at your service!

Lawn Restoration and Renovation

Rescue my lawn please!

When it comes to your Coram NY lawn care and turf restoration, often times it will need a little more than just throwing down seed and fertilizer. This is where our lawn restoration is offered to our clients. When our trained crew inspects your lawn, if we feel there’s enough turf to salvage and weeds are manageable, then a complete restart isn’t needed.

What is done during the restoration process?

  • Kill any visible weeds
  • Bring in fine screened top soil
  • Level area as needed
  • Prep soil in repair area
  • Lay sod or spread seed that match existing turf
  • Apply granular and or liquid fertilizer
  • Water the treated area
  • Two weeks follow-up

Lawn Renovation:

If upon inspection our crew discovers that the lawn has been dominated by weeds and needs a complete restart. we would do a full lawn renovation. This may come from prolonged neglect, nutrient deficiency, pH imbalance etc. No matter what the cause is, we’re sure the lawn will thank you when we are done.

What is done during the renovation process?

  • Cut the lawn very low.
  • Kill the entire lawn including weeds and any turf.
  • Power rake the lawn.
  • Remove excess dead grass.
  • Cover the entire area with at least 2 inches of fine screened top soil, lay sod or spread a weed free grass seed.
  • Rake in to assure seed to soil contact.
  • Apply granular or liquid starter fertilizer.
  • Water the treated area thoroughly.
  • 2 week follow up.


No matter what option you decide to utilize regarding your turf restoration needs, we guarantee our work and walk our clients through every step of the process. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE AND NO QUESTION GOES UNANSWERED.

Aeration & Dethatching

Coram NY Lawn Care and Turf Restoration

As part of our Coram NY lawn care and turf restoration, we offer two different forms of aeration and dethatching, one being mechanical and one being liquid.

What is thatch?

Thatch is a thick layer of decaying plant material, roots and debris that is in the first 1 inch of the soil. Thatch build up creates many problems for the grass roots and the soil below by blocking sunlight, water and nutrients from penetrating. Thatch creates optimal breeding conditions for mosquitoes, fungus and pest. Improper mowing practices adds to the amount of thatch build up. Cutting too much grass off at any one time adds excessive clippings to the lawn that can’t be broken down prior to next cutting, allowing dead grass to build up.

Mechanical dethatching is done by utilizing a dethatcher or power rake equipped with small blades that slices into the turf and breaks up the thatch layer. Doing this allows air, nutrients, water and fertilizer to reach the soil.

Liquid dethatching is done by applying a liquid to the lawn that reduces thatch build up in lawns that do not have the ability to be mechanically adjusted due to time of season. This method leads to faster composting by encouraging microbial activity at the soil surface and increasing heat. This exothermic release by increased soil activity will breakdown thatch from the soil level up. Thatch is quickly reduced and the organic matter is recycled as a food source for your turf. This process has the ability to get deeper than mechanical dethatching but needs to be applied to lawn 2-4 times a season depending on severity of thatch layer. This form of dethatching cause less stress and disturbance to the turf but can be used along with mechanical dethatching for optimal results.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is the breaking down of the soil to provide space for air, water and nutrients to reach deep in the soil to the roots. This process will aid in helping your roots grow deeper in the soil and have longer, wider and stronger grass blades. Having deeper roots helps the grass fight minor grub worm issue and tolerate more stress from drought because the roots are reaching deeper to find the water supply.

A common component of lawn restoration is mechanical aeration which is the process of using a mechanical machine called an aerator to ride on or walk behind to pull plugs of dirty out of the lawn. This creates holes every 3-6 inches ranging from 2-4 inches deep depending on lawn conditions. Once those plugs are established, water, air and nutrients are able to penetrate deep into the soil. The plugs that are laying on top of the ground are then broken by rain or irrigation and returned into the soil. This is done in the fall and at this time you will over seed your lawn to repair any damage done by fungus, grubs, summer heat stress etc.

Liquid Aeration is also a highly effective method that causes less stress to the turf, travels deeper in the soil because of its form and leaves no plugs of dirt on the surface. Our liquid aeration is designed to break up and loosen topsoil and encourage deeper rooting to drive more oxygen into the topsoil profile. By utilizing key bio-stimulants and highly oxidizing material at the key growth stages, this liquid product will give the breakthrough you’ve been looking for in the health of your lawn. This method of aeration also allows for complete coverage of the lawn and can be done anytime during the growing season. These factors give liquid aeration the edge over mechanical aeration.


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Sod & Seeding


At MSG Lawn Care, when considering your Coram NY lawn care and turf restoration project, we are here to advise our clients of the best options for their yards and situations, but ultimately we give all our clients what they want. So if your lawn is calling for a lawn renovation or a lawn restoration we will complete that task. Once again we assure everything we do is done with the highest level of integrity.


When seeding a lawn, the process does take some patience and time. Whether doing over seeding (Lawn restoration) or complete new lawn (lawn renovation) our trained crew will surely exceed all expectations.

The best times to do any seeding projects are September and October being that the weather is optimal, the right air temperature and the proper soil temperature. This is important because it’s a must that we prevent grass seed from drying out in the hot days of summer. Under certain circumstances we will do seeding projects in the spring but ideally prefer the fall.

We go over and beyond to pick the best grass seed for quality, performance, disease resistance, color and drought tolerance. It is important to choose the best seed to have the best results and give that deep green color we all love.  Often seed excels over sod in that seeding is more BUDGET FRIENDLY and doesn’t have to endure the stress of being cut up and moved. The seed is grown in one place, the roots are established and turf is never transplanted. Meaning its birth place is its home. Unlike sod which is grown in one place, cut on, bought to a new site and laid.  This puts a lot of stress on the turf so it’s important to get the sod laid down quickly and allow the root system to establish.


When it comes to sod,  the cost is higher than seed and you’re not given the options of different varieties. But on the other hand you are provided with an instant lawn. When we do our lawn renovations or lawn restoration some of our clients request sod because of timing, upcoming events, less weeds, recent pool install etc.

We properly prep the site for the new lawn which includes removing existing turf with a sod cutter, adding a layer of fine screened top soil, spreading granular and/or liquid fertilizer and laying the sod in the proper way for quick root establishment.

No lawn project is complete until we educate our clients on proper care to ensure optimal results. This includes the perfect watering schedule, when next application of fertilizer needs to be done and when its safe to walk on new lawn. If client requests we will set your irrigation clock to be sure new lawn doesn’t dry out.

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