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MSG Lawn Care: Selden NY Landscape and Installation Design Process

Every homeowner likes to create unique spaces of recluse and comfort in their landscaping, but that is never a matter of chance. We work diligently to ensure that every landscape feature is planned in great detail and installed to perfection. The first step of any project is getting the design right and our priority is to create spaces that are visually stunning and add value to your property.  We seek to create spaces that you will love to look at and use on a daily basis.  We try to think proactively and choose designs and materials that will be low maintenance in the future.

Some Recent Local Projects

Why Choose MSG lawn Care?

Your exterior landscaping is the first thing people see, whether walking by, driving past, or coming to your home to visit.  With that being said curb appeal is one of the most important things related to the exterior of your home. Even in real estate sales, curb appeal is important to lure in buyers and increase value. That’s where we come in, a Selden NY landscape design and installation by MSG Lawn Care will assure your house stands out in the neighborhood, maintains the best curb appeal, and gives you a great return on investment (ROI).

Homeowners may feel defeated by existing landscape beds that are out of control, neglected, and stagnant. A landscape makeover is a great way to spruce up your yard and give your home a fresh look with new plants, new mulch, granite rocks, and much more.  Our Selden NY landscape design and installation experts inspect your yard to determine the best specimens for your outdoor space. During the inspection, we are looking for which beds have full sun, which beds have a lot of shade, which area has the best drainage, etc.

We have extensive backgrounds dealing with native and rare pieces for our clients. We go above and beyond to get just the right pieces to fit our clients’ puzzle. At times, we have gone to other states to get certain things just so that we bring value and something different to each client. Our designs include the highest quality  PERENNIALS and ANNUALS.

An overall design goal at MSG Lawn Care is to increase the overall health of our clients’ plants.  If existing plants are too close to each other and don’t have enough room to grow, then their health will suffer. When plants aren’t as strong as they could be, then the possibility of succumbing to plant diseases and insect infestations increases.

No install is complete until we fertilize the area, apply pre-emergent for weeds, and spread the perfect color of high-end mulch. If our clients really want to stand out we install some accent rocks that match the house and make the
install really stand out.

For those potential clients that dream of beautiful plants but don’t have landscape beds or that are buying a home with a blank slate don’t worry at all.  We will sit down with you and design the perfect outdoor space to make you not want to leave your outdoor haven. 

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MSG Landscape Supplies

We use only the most reputable suppliers who warranty plant life.  We are experts in picking the right plant for the right place.  Colors, textures, size, and microclimates are taken into consideration.  An awareness of lifetime growth patterns ensures that your landscape will look great not just now but 10 years from now!

Mulch & Rock Installation

  • Weed control

    Reducing the light that hits the soil reduces weed growth. A layer of coverage can prevent the germination of many weeds. Sunlight is blocked, which helps discourage weed growth without the need for herbicides.

  • Moisture Retention

    Water from rains and sprinkler systems trickle down through the layers and reach the root systems of plants. Sunlight is blocked, which prevents evaporation, and allows for better water retention.

  • Erosion Prevention

    Mulch and rocks are a great tool to apply in certain areas of recurring erosion problems.

  • Temperature Control

    Mulch serves as an insulating blanket, keeping your plants cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Extreme heat and cold can damage plants and cause nutrients to break down faster.

  • Improve Soils

    Organic materials break down over time, adding valuable material to your soils.

  • Appearance

    Quite simply, mulch just looks great. Mulch is often the finishing touch that brings uniformity to a great landscape design.

When to Replace Your Mulch & Rock:

At MSG Lawn Care, Selden NY landscape design and installation, we offer a variety of mulch and rock options for our clients. We utilize high-quality materials so our work keeps the vibrant look for an extended amount of time. Even using great product mulch should be replaced yearly due to decomposition and rocks (pea gravel, bluestone gravel, red gravel, slate, river rock) should be replaced every 2-3 years depending on condition.

PROPER INSTALL:   For optimal performance mulch should be installed at a depth of 3-4 inches and rocks should be a depth of 2-3 inches. It’s so important that these items are installed properly to ensure performance and protection. Our experts are experienced in this area and will be sure that materials are not laid too close to the structure siding or do any damage to the house.

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