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How to Prepare Your Long Island Lawn for Winter

Winter’s arrival in Suffolk County brings with it a drop in temperature, and a change in weather conditions that can catch your lawn off guard if not prepared. It is important to winterize your lawn adequately in the fall season so that it can withstand the harsh winter cold, snow and ice. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare your Long Island lawn for winter to ensure that it comes back lush and green in the spring.

Clean Up and Clear Out

The first important step in preparing your lawn for winter is to clean up and clear out any debris or leaves from your lawn. A buildup of leaves and fallen debris can create a damp environment that may lead to lawn diseases and pest infestations. Clear out any residual debris, and give the lawn one final clear-out before winter sets in. This will create a clean slate for your lawn to rest on during winter.


It is essential to fertilize your lawn in the fall before the winter season arrives. Applying a good quality fertilizer will help your lawn to establish deep roots and store enough nutrients to sustain itself throughout the winter season. This will ensure that your lawn stays healthy and comes back lush in the spring. You can use a slow-release fertilizer that releases nutrients over time. Make sure you follow the instructions on your fertilizer bag and apply it evenly over your lawn, watering well afterward.

Aerate and Seed

Aeration is another important aspect of winter lawn care. If your lawn is compacted, it will not grow properly, especially during the winter months. Aeration involves poking small holes into your lawn, allowing air and nutrients to reach the roots. This also promotes the growth of new grass. After aerating, you can apply seed over the entire lawn to fill any patches. Seeding in the fall will give your lawn time to establish and strengthen before winter sets in.

Adjust Your Mowing Routine

As cold weather approaches, it’s essential to adjust your mowing routine. Your lawn must go into winter in good health, so stop mowing the lawn when it starts to slow its growth. If you mow too low, your lawn will be more prone to snow mold that can damage your lawn during winter’s cold and wet weather. Grass left at around 3-4 inches in height is usually safe in the Long Island region.

Protect Your Lawn

Finally, protect your lawn from harsh winter weather by keeping off it as much as possible. The weight of snow, frost, or ice can cause damage to your lawn, affecting the growth of new grass in the spring. Keep an eye out for snow buildup, and remove heavy piles of snow as soon as possible to prevent damage.

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