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Mosquito & Tick Control Services in Coram & Long Island, NY

Tired of swatting at mosquitoes when trying to enjoy an evening outside? Or finding ticks crawling on you after being in the yard? Get in touch with the mosquito and tick control experts at MSG Lawn Care today! Serving clients throughout Coram and many surrounding communities in Suffolk County.

Traditional & Natural Mosquito Treatment Options

Mosquitoes are annoying and harmful pests that carry diseases including West Nile virus, Zika and more. Mosquito control services from our professional team will eliminate these pests and prevent them from returning. Spend time outdoors without mosquito bites with our help! At MSG Lawn Care, we provide effective mosquito eradication and prevention to homes and businesses in Coram and the surrounding areas. We understand how Long Island’s mosquito-filled environment causes problems and offer both traditional chemical and all-natural mosquito control methods to get rid of mosquitoes and keep them away. No matter how big your mosquito problem is, we can handle it. Our team can help you find the right control method. Years of experience equip us with the knowledge to identify mosquito hot spots and treat your property effectively. Call us today or request a quote to get a quote for your property.
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Effective Tick Control For Your Yard

No one wants to deal with ticks. They crawl onto your body and bite into your skin when passing through wooded areas or walking in the grass. They can make their way onto any part of the body latching onto your skin and feasting away. In addition to being an annoyance, they also transmit serious diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever which can affect both people and pets. Beat them to the punch this year with profession tick control services for your yard and landscaping from MSG Lawn Care. We provide granular and liquid options to treat your lawn areas and landscape beds.

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