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We aim to set the standard in the marketplace as a true leader in all things lawn, landscaping and snow services.


Our purpose is to not be the average lawn care and landscaping company. Our purpose is to hear out clients’ wants and needs and cater to those in all ways possible. Our purpose as a company is to raise the bar on industry standards for performance, reliability, honesty, integrity & overall customer experience. Our purpose is to have a major impact on every client we have the opportunity to serve. Our purpose is to ensure each and every client feels intrigued to work with us and be happy they spend their hard-earned money with Making Solid Ground Lawn Care. Our overall purpose is to provide a piece of paradise for our clients when they step out onto their property.

Core Values

Honesty, loyalty, reliability and integrity. These are the pillars that we’ve used to build our rock solid foundation. On top of this foundation is what we will use to build our award-winning empire for decades to come.

Why Choose Us?


One of our founding principles is providing prompt communication. We are always just a quick phone call or email away to have your questions answered. 


We know the importance of sticking to a schedule. By working with us you can count on your project being finished on time (weather permitting), reducing the amount of time that your home or business is a "construction zone".


Your property will look well-kept, tidy & perfectly manicured following the completion of our services.

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