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Dethatching & Spring Yard Clean Ups in Coram & Long Island, NY

Open your lawn up from winter’s wrath with a professional lawn dethatching and spring yard clean up from MSG Lawn Care, serving residential and commercial clients in Coram and many surrounding communities throughout Suffolk County.

Long Island's Dethatching Experts

Thatch is a thick layer of decaying plant material, roots and debris that is in the first 1 inch of the soil. Thatch build up and creates problems for your grass and the soil below by restricting the flow of water and nutrients. Thatch also creates optimal breeding conditions for mosquitoes, fungus and other pests. Improper mowing practices can add to the amount of thatch build up. If too much of the grass blades are cut off at any one time, it will add excessive clippings to the lawn that do not decompose before the next cut, leading to the build up of dead grass.

Mechanical dethatching utilizes a dethatcher or power rake equipped with small blades or tines that slice into the turf and breaks up the thatch layer. Doing this allows air, nutrients, water and fertilizer are now able to reach the soil.

dethatching and power raking

Spring Yard Clean Ups

After a long winter, it is time to ready your yard for the spring and summer. If you are worried about the debris in your yard, we recommend a visit from our team. At MSG Lawn Care, our crews have the tools and knowledge to clean up your yard just in time for new growth to begin. Following a comprehensive lawn clean up, your property will have a crisp, manicured appearance sets your yard up for success through the next several months of the growing season.

Our typical spring clean up service includes:

Let’s get your lawn ready for spring with a spring clean up and dethatching service. Call today or get an estimate.

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