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Lawn Aeration & Overseeding in Coram & Long Island, NY

Boost your lawn’s health and rigidity to the elements with professional lawn aeration and overseeding from MSG Lawn Care. Serving residential and commercial clients in Coram and many areas throughout Suffolk County.

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Everyone dreams of having a beautifully manicured lawn, but not everyone has the time or the tools to make that happen. Lawn aeration is an essential task the requires specialized equipment in order to achieve an ideal end result. The reason aeration is so critical is that with use of your yard such as kids playing or even mowing, the soil beneath your lawn can become very compact. Compacted soil leads to a lack of water and nutrient flow from the surface to the roots of your grass. Leading to a weaker lawn.

Lawn aeration solves this problem by mechanically pulling cores of your turf out of the soil and depositing them onto the surface of your lawn. When these cores are removed, they allow the flow of air, water and nutrients to reach the depths of roots. Over the course of 2-4 weeks (with proper watering), the plugs break down and your lawn repairs itself stronger than before. This practice helps your yard become more resilient and reduces runoff, improves uptake of fertilizer and helps prevent turf grass diseases.

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Professional lawn aeration

Lawn Overseeding

If you have recently noticed that your lawn is not as robust as it once was, it may be time to consider a top-dressing of grass seed. Commonly referred to as overseeding, this service is a popular solution to boosting your lawn’s thickness. With proper watering in the weeks following the application, the new grass seed grows in to fill in the thinning spots within your yard. As lawn seeding experts in Coram and many areas of Suffolk County, our team can assess whether this service will benefit your yard or if it is a better option to start over fresh with a lawn renovation and sod installation. We provide lawn seeding services throughout the growing season, but the best time to apply an overseeding application is early fall. To schedule aeration and overseeding for your lawn, give us a call or request an estimate today!
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