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Fertilizing & Weed Control Services in Coram & Long Island, NY

MSG Lawn Care is your go-to choice for lawn fertilization and weed spray treatment services to residential and commercial clients throughout Suffolk County.

Local Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Experts

MSG Lawn Care’s lawn fertilization and weed control program offers multiple options to best suit our clients. The most common being the 6 or 8 application program that we apply every 5-6 weeks. This includes both “pre” and “post-emergent” weed control applications while focusing on soil health to deliver a balanced volume of the essential nutrients needed in order for your grass to thrive while remaining weed-free.

We use top-of-the-line products including granular and liquid fertilizers. Our fertilizers are a compound comprised of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (also referred to as N-P-K), plus micronutrients. They’re designed specifically to optimize the overall health of your lawn instead of just providing a rapid boost to make it grow faster.

Eco-Friendly Fertilizing & Weed Control Services

We are stewards of the environment and strictly follow best practices to protect pollinators. You can trust that our fertilizers are:

When you hire MSG Lawn Care to handle your fertilizing and weed control, the living organisms in the soil will be amply fed to improve your yard’s natural balance, water holding capacity and overall soil fertility. This leads to a healthier and stronger lawn that’s more resistant to drought and hot weather. To get a fertilization and weed control program started for your property, give us a call at (631) 485-7885 or request a quote today.
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One of our founding principles is providing prompt communication. We are always just a quick phone call or email away to have your questions answered. 


We know the importance of sticking to a schedule. By working with us you can count on your project being finished on time (weather permitting), reducing the amount of time that your home or business is a "construction zone".


Your property will look well-kept, tidy & perfectly manicured following the completion of our services.

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