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Standard Lawn Care Maintenance Includes:

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We offer expert landscape maintenance for Lake Grove, Long Island, and surrounding areas.

Greenery in this area begins to wake up from dormancy in late March. By mid-April, lawns are ready for the first cut.  As part of our Lake Grove NY lawn mowing service, clients receive about 30 mowings per growing season. We pay close attention to all our clients’ turf to ensure we aren’t damaging it in any way. Part of our strategy is changing the cutting pattern every so often to prevent ruts and determining if a stand-on mower or a walk-behind mower is the best option. Our clients’ properties are treated with the utmost respect and integrity. We treat their homes as if they were our own.

Our Lake Grove NY lawn mowing service deals with cool-season turfgrasses which include ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, fescues, and other popular grasses, both residential and commercial. We are experts in all these types of cultivars and know the best practices in mowing and caring for each type to ensure the best growth. The key part of ensuring optimal growth is following the one-third rule which many are unaware of. You should never trim more than one-third of the grass blade, doing so stresses grass shoots and slows or prevents optimal growth. Our goal is to allow the grass to take in the proper nutrients through the root, blades, and photosynthesis.

To finish our work, we perform a state of the art edging with sting trimmer and blow all driveways, walkways, patios, and sidewalks of any debris.

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Property Cleanups: A clean lawn is a happy lawn!

Lake Grove lawn mowing service cleanups can be done at any time but are normally done in spring and fall. Performing a proper cleanup allows for assessment of the turf, landscape beds, gutters, etc. Spring clean ups focus on clearing all areas of the property to prepare it for the growing season, while fall cleanups focus on leaf clearing so the lawn is protected and remain healthy for the next growing season.

Fall Cleanup – This includes clearing leaves, clearing fallen debris, removing annual flowers from landscape beds, removing weeds from landscape beds and completing the final cut.

Spring Cleanup – This includes cleaning sticks, twigs, branches, and leftover leaves from the winter. Also, we clear landscape beds of winter weeds, dead plants, and old mulch upon request.  If the client is part of our fertilization program, an application is done at this time. 

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