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MSG Lawn Care is a small, family owned lawn & landscape company serving Long Island NY. I am uniquely capable of being your one stop shop for all your landscape management needs. No need to be dealing with 3 different companies. MSG Lawn Care can handle it all!

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MSG Lawn Care’s Southampton NY lawn fertilization and pest control fertility program offers numerous options to best suit our clients. The most common being the 6 or 8 step program that’s applied every 5-6 weeks, includes pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control. Our programs deliver a distinct balanced amount of the essential nutrients needed by the grass and the soil. To set our company apart, we strive to use the best top-of-the-line products in our client’s yard. This is why we utilize both granular and liquid fertilizers. We attend different conferences, and trade shows to network, build relations and find high-quality products that the others are afraid to use mostly due to COST. We will not comprise our company or clients just to cut costs.
Our fertilizers are a compound of essential N-P-K and micronutrients. The fertilizers and soil amendments used for each round are specially blended to consider the current environmental conditions to optimize turf health. MSG GIVES THE LAWN A MEAL NOT A PILL.
We take pride in saying that with MSG Lawn Care, your property will receive the following: Regular feedings for the living organisms in the soil IMPROVE THE NATURAL BALANCE, water holding capacity, and fertility of the soil. Thick and deep root development IMPROVES OVERALL PLANT HEALTH, drought tolerance, and plant nutrient uptake. Regular feeding of the turfgrass creates a THICK AND HEALTHY CANOPY OF TOP GROWTH, provides a STIMULUS FOR NATURAL PLANT PROCESS such as photosynthesis, which is the source of the color in the foliage of the plants. Rest assured that the result of fertilization with pest control at your property is MINIMAL NON-POINT SOURCE POLLUTION.

MSG is extremely environmentally conscious and strictly follow best management practices:

We are concerned about our beloved bees and try to be good tenders of the environment.  I’m proud to say our FERTILIZERS are:

Additional Services

Soil Test: We don't guess, we test!!

Everyone praises a beautiful, lush, healthy lawn, so our first step in achieving our goal is soil testing. As part of our Southampton NY lawn fertilization and pest control program, soil testing must determine the proper nutrient program for maximum turf building. Part of PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT is based on the soil test. We like to give the lawn what it needs to prevent excess material in the environment due to run off.
HOW AND WHERE TO TEST? Samples should be taken from several areas of the lawn, especially if they vary substantially in drainage, soil type, or other characteristics. We use a special soil test probe that’s able to drive deep in the soil to get a useful sample. We like to pull at least 15-20 plugs to ensure we covered the complete area. Flower and shrubbery beds should also be tested, so the particular requirements can be met. This simple, low-cost analysis will mean a more luxurious lawn, brilliant flowers, and dense foliage.
WHY SOIL TEST? All soils are not created equally. In fact, soil is constantly changing, causing nutrients in the soil to diminish due to plant growth, leaching, and erosion. Soil testing is the best scientific method available to evaluate the nutritional status of the soil. Nutrient stresses and imbalances can reduce plant vigor, which increases the plant’s susceptibility to damage from drought, disease, insects, and other conditions. Expert testing does not just happen; it’s the result of experienced people, reliable instruments, and a host of related factors.
One of the most important things that the soil test reveals is the PH LEVEL. If the ph levels are not proper, the nutrients are locked up in the soil and not properly used by the grass, plant, trees, or shrubs. Tested also are other key
items such as cec, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, nitrogen etc. Soil testing and proper lawn care will let you fully enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Weed Identification Experts

I continually take advance training in my field.  Weed identification is just the start.  An environmentally friendly treatment is the  next step, followed up by prevention methods.

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