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How Does Snow Mold Affect Your Long Island Lawn?

During the winter, did you know that fungus can grow on your Long Island lawn? Snow mold typically appears as areas of light brown grass that linger after the last snow melts. Your grass probably is not dying but just trying to claw its way back from the effects of snow mold.

Snow Mold Recovery Process

If you think that snow mold has developed on your lawn, there are steps to ensure a strong recovery. The best way to encourage healing is to find a way to allow air and moisture to flow into the soil. You can accomplish this with a rake to gently fluff your grass or even a leaf blower on a low throttle. Be careful to avoid damaging the delicate blades of the grass.

Thankfully, snow mold is a problem that harms the blades and not the root system below the surface. Grass infected with snow mold is more prone to breaking which would compromise its chances of recovery. With careful attention eventually you should begin to see the brown spots turn green and the new spring growth should be healthy and robust.

Preventing Snow Mold Development

Snow mold can be a hassle to deal but it can be prevented. By taking a few additional steps during lawn maintenance tasks you can lessen the chances or completely prevent the development of the snow mold fungus. Since it loves to grow in the spots where long blades of grass bend under the weight of snow and moisture. So before winter arrives, make sure to continue mowing the lawn as you remove the leaves. The ideal height for your grass to finish the growing season is 2.0-2.5″ tall. Plus, as an added bonus, shorter grass makes leaf removal an easier process.

If you suspect that your lawn has been overtaken by snow mold and need guidance on remedying your grass, get in touch with the lawn care experts at MSG Lawn Care today.

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