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Spring Planting & Gardening Tips

Spring is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year to spend working in the yard as it is a time to prepare for the growing season. Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind.

Remove Winter Wilted Plant Material

The first step to getting started with new spring growth is to remove the old plants and debris left behind from winter. The stems, leaves and other material can be put into a compost pile on your property or brought to a local facility.  One note – be careful during the removal process as many perennial bulbs are just below the surface. So depending on what time of the season this is being done, they may already have sprouted their initial growth and it’s best to not harm them.

Plan The New Installation

Once the slate is clean, it’s best to draw a rough sketch of your garden and mark the areas where you would like to plant and what specific varieties are in each location.


Timing is everything. Some varieties can be planted early such as early season vegetable crops and cold-hardy annuals. Otherwise, it is important to wait until after the last frost warning before planting half-hardy annuals and tender vegetables. In the Long Island area, the last killing frost usually occurs between April 20 and 30, and the last frost warning is usually gone by May 15.

Remove Weeds

Start your weed control process as soon as they appear. If you wait too long, the weeds will spread their seeds and dozens if not hundreds will pop up and start taking over your garden.

Avoid Working When It’s Wet

Never garden in the rain or when the ground is wet after watering or a rain event as any foot traffic will compact the soil which can suffocate roots of your plants.

If your property could use some sprucing up with curb appeal and aesthetics by installing new flowers, shrubs and trees, or you need a team that can handle the garden maintenance, get in touch with the experts at MSG Lawn Care today.

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