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How Much Does Leaf Removal Cost on Long Island?

Falling leaves are a fact of life every autumn on Long Island. Don’t let them turn into a soggy mess on your lawn or spend your weekends raking up leaves. This article provides insight to what you can anticipate to pay for leaf removal services on Long Island.

Factors That Impact the Cost of Leaf Removal

Clearing leaves from a wide open lawn with only a few trees and no narrow fence gate can be done in less time compared to a more intricate, complexly designed yard. If your lawn has large trees, gardens, patios or other outdoor living structures structures, the process will take longer and will generally be more expensive. The cost will differ on a case-by-case basis and is generally based on the amount of time (man & equipment hours) that will be spent on your property. Some things that increase the price can include:

  • Volume of trees
  • Density of trees in your yard
  • Size of lawn
  • Landscape beds that need to be cleaned out
  • Grass height (most companies use mowers with bagging systems and will cut the grass one last time during a fall clean up)

Most lawn companies start their leaf removal and fall yard clean up prices at $150 to $200 on the low-end, and some jobs may be as high as $500-$600 or more, depending on the exact scope of work.

Bundle Leaf Removal with Other Services

When you bundle your fall clean up with other services such as aeration, fertilizer, Christmas light installation, many companies may offer a price break since you’re purchasing more than one service.

Save time and achieve a tidy lawn with professional leaf removal from MSG Lawn Care, a top-rated lawn company serving many areas of Suffolk County on Long Island, contact their experts today to get a quote on professional leaf removal and other lawn services.

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