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The Importance of Lawn Aeration

Ever wondered why many lawn care companies suggest aerating your lawn at least once a year? Keep reading as MSG Lawn Care provides the answer.

Why Is Lawn Aeration Important?

Lawn aeration may seem unnecessary, but it is crucial for a healthy lawn that helps boost your curb appeal. Knowing when to aerate it is vital. You should aerate cool-season grasses in spring or fall and aerate warm-season grasses during the late spring or beginning of summer.

Additionally, professional lawn aeration provides the following benefits:

1. Keeps Grass Healthy

Lawn aeration allows your grass to be more absorbent. Watering and applying fertilizer will work more effectively. As these components soak and reach the roots easier, your grass is healthier and can more successfully fend off weeds and disease.

2. Increases Healthy Lawn Growth

By aerating your lawn and pairing it with overseeding, your lawn will grow in more robustly. Planting seeds deep into the soil improves their survival chances. Along with a thicker lawn, removing cores from the yard gives the grass’ roots have ample space to grow.

The healthier your lawn’s roots are, the better your lawn will look. With the right combination of watering, aeration and fertilization, your yard will be more lush and truly look its best.

3. Decreases Thatch and Soil Compaction

Lawn thatch consists of dead grass and natural debris that sits within your lawn at the soil’s surface. This naturally occurring debris can prevent sunlight from reaching growing grass and keep your lawn from thriving. Compacted soil also makes it difficult for water to penetrate the roots.

Aeration is the clear choice for Long Island yards. Spike aerators are easy for homeowners to wear themselves, but they poke holes into the grass and soil and may contribute to worse compaction. Instead, professional core aerators are the best choice for versatile plug depth.

When you need lawn aeration, you can ensure quality results with the team at MSG Lawn Care. We have years of training in proper lawn aeration and other lawn care services. Get in touch with us today for comprehensive lawn services that increase your yard’s health.

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